Monthly Archives: May 2013

Crew Season Ends

The season is coming to a close for the rowers on the Northwestern Crew Team. Team members spent some of the last days of the season running a fundraising bake sale, deconstructing boats and storing equipment. Novice members talk about how they found their place at Northwestern by joining the team this year.



Ladd Arboretum

The Ladd Arboretum is located at 2024 McCormick Blvd in Evanston, Il. The Evanston Review planted the first tree, a ginkgo, in memory of its founder Edward R. Ladd. The arboretum includes a variety of trees such as birch, maple and pine, as well as a garden, a gazebo and a bird sanctuary. The Evanston Ecology Center houses nature education exhibits and offers nature programs for children and adults. Zoe Sing, 18, visits the arboretum to experience the natural environment and learn about the benefits of planting trees, particularly in urban areas.